Conrad Moreno, PhD

Dr. Moreno serves as part of a patient-focused, multidisciplinary team of primary care providers. As a clinical psychologist, he offers ongoing psychosocial assessments, treatment planning, psychotherapeutic treatment of clients and consultations. He conducts regular Behavioral Health treatment team meetings; and participates in medical team and HIV treatment team meetings.

Dr. Moreno earned his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology (APA Certified), at Alliant International University, Fresno, California. As Director of Behavioral Health for the agency, Dr. Moreno supervises all Behavioral Health providers and clinical support staff (LCSWs, psychologists, CSACs, Psychiatrists, Behavioral Health Care Coordinators and others). He also promotes working relationships and cooperative programs between Waikiki Health Behavioral Health Services and other agencies and organizations involved in mental health services.

Previously, Dr. Moreno served as a clinical psychologist at Hawaii State Hospital in Kaneohe. He also worked as a clinical therapist for Kaiser Permanente, providing individual psychotherapy to acute and chronic mentally ill adults that presented with a variety of substance abuse, affective disorders, SMI disorders, and personality disorders. His teaching experience at Kaiser Permanente included providing monthly psychoeducational classes for family members of Kaiser patients with schizophrenia.

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